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The Horrible Scary Truth About Teeth

The Horrible Scary Truth About Teeth

Many people dream about losing teeth, some researchers say it’s to do with social problems lack of confidence, and all manner of psychological problems .Whilst many people will scoff at these dream interpretations, there is no getting away from the facts, that we should be very worried about this, because our oral health is in fact very closely linked to a serious even deadly disease.

Whilst tooth decay used to be the problem its close relative periodontitis may be silently wiping us out because of its link with heart disease, arthritis, and other chronic illness .The chronic inflammatory oral disease is now fifth most prevalent problem among Australians. It is so prevalent that world-wide experts are looking desperately for a vaccine to use to overcome the problem .

Here at EBDG we have a team of dedicated staff whose job it is to look after the increasing problem of gum disease, and in the words of one of our patients deliver 5 star service in that field.

Our team of hygienists, Dental therapists, and oral health therapists have had the specialized training needed to help you manage and in some cases overcome the effects of gum disease.

Also we are happy to recommend you to specialist care should it be required for extreme cases. In many cases with our preferred provider status many of these procedures are covered by health insurance .

So don’t wait till your gums are bleeding, of you have a pink tooth brush come and see us to prevent this horrible disease ruining your life .

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