What You Need to Know About Sleep Dentistry
11 January, 2022

Sleep dentistry is a revolutionary option for those who experience dentist-related fears and anxieties, allowing them to get the treatment they need in order to maintain optimal oral health. Sleep dentistry involves using medication or intravenous se... Read More

Combating Dental Decay with Probiotics
21 December, 2021

We tend to think that all bacteria are bad for us, but some actually have beneficial effects and help to maintain good health. It’s important to maintain a balance of good and bad bacteria to support a strong immune system. This can be done by taki... Read More

Learn About the Air Filters Used at EBDG
15 December, 2021

The COVID-19 pandemic has forced everyone everywhere to make adjustments and improvements to how they sanitise to reduce the spread of germs. At East Bentleigh Dental Group, we’ve installed a high efficiency particulate air (HEPA) filters that can ... Read More

How the Sanctum Device Can Help to Reduce Dental Anxiety
15 December, 2021

A lot of people experience anxiety and fear when they visit the dentist. This often dissuades them from making or attending appointments, causing issues to go unchecked and untreated. Fortunately, East Bentleigh Dental Group offers Sanctum, a therape... Read More

How Taking Probiotics Can Benefit Gum Disease
29 November, 2021

Many people suffer from gum disease as a result of poor immune function, lifestyle choices and oral hygiene habits, among other factors. The symptoms can range from bleeding and inflamed gums through to bad breath and tooth loss. Probiotics – live ... Read More