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Wisdom Teeth Extraction

Wisdom Teeth Extraction
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Wisdom Teeth Extraction
in Melbourne

Wisdom teeth can need to come out for a range of reasons, ranging from impaction that causes problems for other teeth through to cavities and infection. In all of these cases, wisdom teeth extraction is vital in order to avoid further pain, decay and other complications. East Bentleigh Dental Group can provide wisdom teeth removal in the dentist’s chair as well as under general anaesthetic, helping to maintain your dental health.

It happens to most of us between the ages of 16 and 23 – the eruption and subsequent extraction of our wisdom teeth. The last of our adult teeth to emerge, they break out from beneath the gums wherever they can find room. Unfortunately, that room is often very limited and can affect the other teeth. This effect on the other teeth is called ‘impacting’, and it can be prevented with wisdom teeth extraction in Melbourne. The procedure involves an experienced dentist removing 1, 2 or all 4 wisdom teeth in one session.

If you can feel yours beginning to emerge from the back of your mouth and feel like you should enquire about wisdom teeth removal, Melbourne dental clinic East Bentleigh Dental Group can answer any questions you may have about the extraction process. We can also provide advice and assistance if you’re experiencing a wisdom dental emergency in Melbourne.

Options Available
to Make You
Feel Comfortable

Options Available
to Make You
Feel Comfortable

Options Available
to Make You
Feel Comfortable

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When you come to East Bentleigh Dental Group for problems with a wisdom tooth in Melbourne, you can rest assured that we’ll provide you with the best treatment and recovery options so you can get back to your daily routine sooner rather than later. We recommend having wisdom teeth removed before they really begin to impact below the gums and start to cause infection, decay, overcrowding, and in rare cases, the growth of cysts.

The extraction process can happen in a number of ways; at our clinic or in hospital, with a range of options including general anaesthetic, IV sedation and local anaesthetic. After removal of wisdom teeth in Melbourne, we will provide you with sufficient pain relief to see you through the recovery period.

What Happens if Wisdom Teeth Aren’t Extracted?

When wisdom teeth aren’t removed, they can cause a number of problems, including:

  • Pain
  • Crowding of teeth
  • Decay
  • Damage to other teeth
  • Increased risk of gum disease
  • Damage to the jaw

If any of the above problems are noticed, it’s recommended that you seek wisdom teeth removal in Melbourne as soon as possible.

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If you’re experiencing a wisdom dental emergency in Melbourne, or if you’re noticing problems with your wisdom teeth and want to make an appointment with a dentist that specialises in wisdom teeth in Melbourne, contact East Bentleigh Dental Group today.


Explore the answers to common queries about our dental services in our Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) section. From appointment scheduling to post-treatment care, find the information you need to make your dental experience with us smooth and informed.

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No, not all wisdom teeth extractions require the patient to be placed under general anaesthetic. Melbourne wisdom teeth removal under general anaesthetic is typically reserved for cases where the wisdom teeth have to be surgically extracted due to complications. Where the teeth can simply be pulled out, extraction can be performed in the dentist’s chair with local anaesthetic (and sedation if necessary when a Saturday appointment is made).

After wisdom teeth extraction in Melbourne, it’s normal to feel pain, swelling and discomfort for several days following. Depending on how well you take care of your mouth and how badly your wisdom teeth were impacted, recovery may take one to two weeks.

Dry socket is a painful complication that can occur after a wisdom tooth is extracted. It describes the inflammation of the jawbone that’s caused when the protective blood clot in the tooth socket is partially or totally removed. When this happens, intense pain to the jaw and nerve can be experienced.

Tips to avoid dry socket include:

  • Eat soft foods for several days after extraction of a wisdom tooth in Melbourne
  • Avoid drinking with a straw, as the suction can cause the blood clot to become dislodged
  • Rinse your mouth out with salt water after eating food
  • Avoid smoking or chewing tobacco

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