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Why Do Dentists Use Topical Anaesthetic?

Why Do Dentists Use Topical Anaesthetic?

Dentistry often involves procedures that can cause discomfort or pain, making patient comfort a top priority. One of the tools dentists use to manage pain is topical anaesthetic. This blog post will detail why topical anaesthetic is used, highlighting its safety, tolerance and other important reasons for its use.

What is Topical Anaesthetic?

Topical anaesthetic is a medication that’s applied directly to the mucous membranes inside the mouth. It numbs the surface area where it’s applied, providing temporary pain relief. Dentists commonly use topical anaesthetic before administering injections or performing minor procedures to ensure minimal pain is experienced by patients.

Patient Comfort

One of the primary reasons for the use of topical anaesthetic is ensuring patient comfort. Even routine dental procedures can be anxiety-inducing for some people. By numbing the area of the mouth where treatment will occur, topical anaesthetics can help to alleviate pain and reduce stress. This can make the overall experience more pleasant and encourage patients to seek regular dental care without fear.

Versatility in Dental Procedures

Topical anaesthetics are versatile and can be used for various dental procedures, including routine cleaning and numbing of the gums before injecting local anaesthetic. It may also be used to numb the gag reflex, which can be useful during procedures that involve working in the back of the mouth. The gag reflex is a natural response to prevent choking, but it can be triggered by dental instruments, making some procedures difficult. Numbing the area allows dentists to perform necessary treatments without triggering the gag reflex.

Safety of Topical Anaesthetic

Topical anaesthetics are generally considered safe when used correctly. They’re applied in small, controlled amounts and only to the specific area requiring numbness. Dentists are trained to use these medications safely, minimising the risk of side effects. Most topical anaesthetics contain agents that quickly take effect and wear off within a short period of time, further ensuring patient safety.

High Tolerance & Minimal Side Effects

A significant advantage of topical anaesthetics is their high tolerance among patients. The likelihood of allergic reactions is low, and side effects, if any, are usually mild and short-lived. This high tolerance makes topical anaesthetics a suitable option for many patients, including those who might be sensitive to other forms of pain relief.

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