Gum Treatments

By using some of the most advanced cosmetic dentistry techniques, including laser dentistry, we are able to help transform your smile to create a more cosmetically pleasing balance between your gums and teeth.

If you’re feeling self-conscious about your smile, speak with one of our dentists at East Bentleigh Dental Group about the benefits of our gum treatments and whether grafting or laser dentistry is suitable for you. You may be surprised at the possibilities that are now available thanks to advancements in cosmetic dentistry.

Explore Your Treatment Options

The following provides an overview of our gum treatments, but a consultation with our dentists in East Bentleigh will provide you with a more detailed understanding of the different procedures and what treatment options are best suited to your individual circumstances.

  • Gum Contouring – Advanced techniques in laser dentistry are used to remove excess gum tissue to give you a beautiful smile. For comfort we generally apply a local anaesthetic, and laser dentistry allows us to seal the gums without stitches, with minimal bleeding and short healing time.
  • Gum Grafts – A graft involves surgically implanting a small amount of soft tissue to the affected area to help create a more even gum line. It is effective in repairing deformities, correcting gum recession and reducing root sensitivity. Along with contouring, your dentist in East Bentleigh can give you a more balanced smile.
  • Gum Enhancements – LANAP laser dentistry for gums is able to remove diseased tissue while avoiding damage to healthy tissue, tissue volume and bone. This procedure requires a careful.
  • Dry Mouth – East Bentleigh Dental Group offers patients innovative solutions to treat chronic dry mouth. The first is the Salliwell GenNarino device that stimulates the nerves associated with salivary gland secretions with imperceptible electrical pulses. We also recommend a unique gum from Breezecare for some of our patients dealing with chronic dry mouth. Your dentist can help you determine the most suitable treatment for you.