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Root Canal Treatment

Root Canal Treatment
Relieve pain and save your natural tooth

East Bentleigh Dental Group offers root canal treatment at our family dental clinic. The procedure is typically prescribed to people who have damaged or dead tooth pulp, when replacing the natural pulp with a synthetic version is the only way to save the tooth.

If root canal therapy isn’t performed, the tissue around the tooth can become infected and lead to the formation of an abscess, which only leads to more complicated treatment in the future. When you need a dentist for root canal treatment anywhere in Melbourne who can oversee your treatment from beginning to end, make an appointment with East Bentleigh Dental Group.

Deterioration of Tooth Pulp – Causes and Symptoms

When the pulp of a tooth begins to deteriorate, the only way to save the tooth from likely extraction is with root canal therapy. This is where the dentist removes the damaged or dead pulp from the tooth and replaces it with a synthetic version that can help to prolong the life of the tooth for as long as possible.

Common causes of tooth pulp deterioration include:

  • Decay underneath a deep filling
  • Constant tooth grinding, leading to micro fractures of the tooth
  • Severe gum disease
  • Damage to a tooth caused by trauma
  • Untreated dental decay due to poor dental hygiene

Symptoms of damaged or dead tooth pulp include

  • Spontaneous tooth pain
  • Varying levels of sensitivity with different hot or cold food and drinks
  • Biting or chewing motions causing unwanted pain
  • Teeth beginning to loosen
  • Swollen gums near the affected tooth
  • Facial swelling

A root canal dentistcan help alleviate the symptoms and hopefully rescue your tooth from extraction with root canal surgery.


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Without root canal surgery, the infection in the pulp can spread. The tooth will also be unable to be saved and will therefore need to be extracted.

The procedure has had a long held reputation as being a painful treatment, but in reality it’s the infection and not the treatment that is more painful. Your root canal dentist will only treat the affected parts of your mouth, and you will be anaesthetised to ensure you experience no pain.

Typically, the first of the root canal therapy sessions is all about alleviating the patient’s existing pain in whatever is deemed by the root canal dentist to be the most appropriate cause of action. The second session is where the root canal is cleaned, shaped and filled to reduce the likelihood of further infection.

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