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Dry Mouth Treatment

Dry mouth is an uncomfortable condition that occurs when saliva production decreases. At East Bentleigh Dental Group, we offer various treatment options that are designed to stimulate saliva production and provide relief from the symptoms of dry mouth. Make an appointment with our dentist today to find out which dry mouth treatment is right for you.

East Bentleigh Dental Group offers patients innovative solutions to treat chronic dry mouth, which can affect dental health. Also known as xerostomia, dry mouth can be a symptom of autoimmune diseases, Alzheimer’s disease, diabetes, chemotherapy, and the taking of certain medications, among other factors. For those suffering from dry mouth, it can cause significant discomfort during day-to-day life, such as difficulties talking, swallowing and eating. It can also have a negative impact on the gums and mouth.

East Bentleigh Dental Group offers a range of dry mouth treatment options to provide relief from dry mouth and help maintain good oral health. We can determine the most suitable treatment to help you look after your gums and soothe a sore mouth and gums.

Available Dry Mouth Treatment Options

Treatments we offer for dry mouth include:

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Saliwell GenNarino Device

The Saliwell GenNarino device is used to stimulate the nerves associated with salivary gland secretions with imperceptible electrical pulses. The device is placed in the mouth in a special mouthpiece unit, where it then works to provide both mechanical and electrical stimulation to increase saliva production without any side effects. This dry mouth treatment has proven efficacy and can be worn as needed by the patient when oral dryness is experienced.

The SaliPen

Similar to the GenNarino device, the Saliwell SaliPen is an intraoral device that treats dry mouth through electroneuro stimulation and has no side effects. Many studies have been conducted proving the SaliPen’s safety and efficacy for dry mouth treatment, making it suitable for treating sufferers of hyposalivation and xerostomia. Unlike the GenNarino device, the SaliPen is temporarily placed in the mouth using a handled device, making it more comfortable for patients to use.

Experience Relief from Dry Mouth Today

Breezecare Chewing Gum

We may recommend a unique chewing gum from Breezecare for some of our patients dealing with chronic dry mouth. Breezecare chewing gum is sugar-free and contains a flavour that helps to stimulate salvia flow.

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To find out which dry mouth treatment is best suited to you, make an appointment with East Bentleigh Dental Group today. Your dentist will discuss your history and examine your mouth in order to come up with a treatment plan that provides effective relief from dry mouth.