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How Taking Probiotics Can Benefit Gum Disease

How Taking Probiotics Can Benefit Gum Disease

Many people suffer from gum disease as a result of poor immune function, lifestyle choices and oral hygiene habits, among other factors. The symptoms can range from bleeding and inflamed gums through to bad breath and tooth loss. Probiotics – live microorganisms found in yogurt and other fermented foods – have shown promise in treating gum disease by correcting microbial imbalances and harmful immune responses. This blog post contains more details about how taking probiotics can benefit gum disease.

Fights Bad Bacteria to Restore a Healthy Balance

While many types of bacteria are harmful and can lead to various health issues, some are positive and can help support immune function. Imbalances or deficiencies in good bacteria can stop your white blood cells from eliminating bad bacteria, adversely affecting your oral health. Probiotics can fight the bad bacteria and restore a healthy balance in your mouth, alleviating the symptoms of gum disease such as inflammation, bleeding gums and bad breath.

Reduces Plaque that Causes Cavities

Studies have shown that chewing gum or eating lozenges that contain probiotics on a regular basis can have beneficial effects on gum disease. Two weeks after starting the routine, people who participated in the studies had less plaque, which meant reduced risk of developing cavities. It also revealed less bleeding and reduced pocket depth. In conjunction with regular cleaning, flossing and other healthy habits, probiotics have demonstrated efficacy at treating if not resolving gum disease.

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