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Aug 26

Fortunately today there are many options in orthodontic treatment, from solutions starting with young people as early as five or six years of age, all the way through to teenagers and adults using all sorts of different appliances and modalities. It has been possible for some time now to modify the growth and development of […]

Jul 22

Here at East Bentleigh Dental Group we know that there are often many things holding you back from making an appointment at the dentist. Sometimes it’s fear of expenses, fear of the expected outcome and sometimes it’s fear that you just cannot explain. As a result, at East Bentleigh Dental Group we know that we have to talk […]

Jun 30

Most people will require an extraction of a tooth sometime during their life. It’s not a procedure patients look forward to, but it certainly doesn’t need to be feared or put off. Many patients undergoing orthodontic treatment may require extractions as part of the overall treatment while some teens and young adults will require extraction […]

Jun 12

Many people dream about losing teeth, some researchers say it’s to do with social problems lack of confidence, and all manner of psychological problems .Whilst many people will scoff at these dream interpretations, there is no getting away from the facts, that we should be very worried about this, because our oral health is in […]

Jun 10

One thing is clear East Bentleigh Dental Group has a lasting attraction for people wanting their dental care to be great. But what is the EBDG difference? All dentists deal with teeth so why do so many people choose us? Now I know it’s because of our staff, because every person on our staff loves people, loves […]