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Can you really whiten your teeth?

Can you really whiten your teeth?

The “white teeth” question and its solution is something we are asked every day at East Bentleigh Dental Group. There are many solutions to this popular question and there is also often confusion between whitening teeth and bleaching teeth.

When we bleach teeth we use strong compounds and some of them are quite chemical in nature. There are others which are more biological either way they act to remove deep stains and colourations within the tooth structure and end up changing the depth of colour by one or two shades and the colour can often revert with time.

Whitening teeth is a different situation here we take the given colour and improve it by as many as five or ten shades, using porcelain and composite resin veneers.

Both systems are effective both have different methods of management both have different price structures both have different amounts of longevity either way they both deliver a fascinating and deep result.  For more information, please call our staff on 9575 1100.

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