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Put your best face forward – flash ’em those pearly whites!

Put your best face forward – flash ’em those pearly whites!

Blog time with Dr Harry Marget

Put your best face forward – flash ‘em those pearly whites!

Everybody wants to have that red carpet Hollywood smile. With our modern dental techniques and guided by our team of dedicated and highly skilled practitioners, you too can achieve that pearly white smile. Stop avoiding photos and boost your confidence with our gentle approach to teeth whitening.

“People are often self-conscious about their appearance, especially their teeth. Most patients comment that when meeting new people, their smile is one of the first things they notice, good or bad.” says Dr Marget.

Teeth can become discoloured due to various factors, some external and others internal. “Common external causes like tea, coffee, red wine and cigarette smoking can deposit layers of dark sediment on the teeth, giving you a smile with a yellow or grey tinge,” Dr Marget explains. “This staining can be easily removed by a professional and can instantly boost the brightness of your teeth.”

In contrast, internal factors are not as easy to address and may need specialised attention. At the East Bentleigh Dental Group we offer a range of teeth whitening systems, with both in-chair and take-home kits. Call us today on 9575 1100 to book an appointment and get ready to have the smile you’ve always wanted.

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