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Oct 21

The EBDG philosophy is to provide all our patients with a full service approach to dental treatment. We endeavour to monitor your child’s orthodontic treatment and offer early intervention methods if required. In some cases, early intervention appliances can help to simplify the overall treatment necessary and reduce the treatment time and cost. We aim […]

Oct 09

Irene is one of our Orthodontic nurses who has been working at EBDG for over 3 years. She is a beautiful young woman and as with all our staff, she is a valued member of our EBDG family. We wish her all the very best on this special day. Have a wonderful day Irene. Much […]

Sep 29

Are you petrified of going to the dentist? To the point where it makes you feel ill? Well relax, you’re not alone. Many people suffer from dental phobia. Dental phobia can be caused by the fear of pain, feelings of loss of control, embarrassment or most commonly, a negative past experience. Patients suffering from dental […]

Sep 22

Here at EBDG we have close to 50 staff, who speak over 13 different languages including, Russian, Greek, Italian, Chinese (Mandarin), Japanese, Vietnamese, Spanish, Danish, German, French, Serbian, Hebrew, Hindi and Burmese. So welcome to our very own United Nations! We will do our best to accommodate all our patients and make your visit as […]

Aug 26

According to Dr Fonder, in an article written by him in his book the dental physician the dental distress syndrome is a result of a dysfunctional relationship between the upper and lower jaws that can create disturbances throughout distant areas of the body. It can be caused by loss of one or more of your […]