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Is Orthodontics painful?

Is Orthodontics painful?

Today modern orthodontics can be relatively painless.

With the advent of removable systems, there are many options for getting teeth straight.

In fact children as young as six to eight can often have their orthodontic start with early intervention appliances. This can then minimise problems and treatment later on. In these cases, simple removable devices can be used to help manage the soft tissue and positioning of the front teeth.

Teeth that are protruding, can often be levelled and straightened. All this can be managed from an early age, depending on cooperation of the child. None of these systems are painful, however a small amount of discomfort can be expected.

With the adult systems however we have seen the advent of fully bonded internal orthodontic brackets and the wireless removable systems such as Invisalign®.

We are delighted to offer all these systems at our clinic in East Bentleigh. With so many available options, many people are finding that orthodontics is becoming simpler and easier and more manageable at any age.

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