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Terrified of the Dentist’s Drill? Sleep Dentistry May be the Solution

Terrified of the Dentist’s Drill? Sleep Dentistry May be the Solution

Undergoing certain procedures, such as dental implants, root-canal treatments and wisdom teeth extraction, can be daunting. Sleep dentistry, or sedation dentistry, is growing in popularity because of its success in calming and relaxing patients prior to and during a dental appointment. For some patient groups, it’s the only way that they can access the dental care they need to improve their health.

At East Bentleigh Dental Group, we work hard to provide a comfortable and anxiety-free experience for all of our patients. We offer the option of sleep dentistry as a pain-management solution for many of our treatments. Our trained dentists are able to manage your pain through general and intravenous anaesthesia, sedation dentistry medication or nitrous oxide (laughing gas). Our dentists will determine which sleep dentistry technique is most suitable for you.

The Benefits of Sleep Dentistry

There are several advantages to managing pain and anxiety during dental procedures.

  • You can relax beforehand knowing you will receive the appropriate treatment without experiencing pain and discomfort.
  • You can undergo treatment in the comfort of your own dental practice with your dentist.
  • Treatments seem to take a shorter amount of time with little or no memory of the procedure.
  • You can have multiple treatments done in a single session, saving time and money.

There are also many benefits for the dentist. With pain-free dental treatment, they’re able to gain more patient co-operation, control patient movement and eliminate issues such as gag reflex so they can give their full concentration to carrying out the procedure.

Say Goodbye to That Pain

While cavities are the most common cause of toothaches, pain can occur in a number of places in the mouth including the teeth, gums, roots, palate, tongue and jaw.

At the first indication of discomfort, contact East Bentleigh Dental Group and we can investigate whether sleep dentistry could be of benefit to you.

We’ll help you to address the problem before it becomes more severe. Take action immediately and you will decrease the likelihood of greater pain or more complex treatments down the track!

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