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Feb 25

When you think of dental braces you probably get a mental image of an awkward teenager with a mouth full of metal and all those pesky little rubber bands. However, braces have evolved significantly over the past decade. Teenagers and, more increasingly, adults are accessing a range of innovative orthodontic devices to align and straighten […]

Feb 18

How can I lessen my child’s fear of the dentist? Developed as a result of schoolyard rumours, personal experiences or even your own feelings, fear of the dentist is still a common occurrence amongst Australian children – preventing many young smiles from receiving the quality dental care they need to stay healthy. With this in […]

Feb 06

Undergoing certain procedures, such as dental implants, root-canal treatments and wisdom teeth extraction, can be daunting. Sleep dentistry, or sedation dentistry, is growing in popularity because of its success in calming and relaxing patients prior to and during a dental appointment. For some patient groups, it’s the only way that they can access the dental care they need […]

Dec 02

Contrary to popular belief, dental caries (tooth decay) is the most common chronic disease amongst young children – ahead of both asthma and diabetes! In fact with over 19 million untreated decayed teeth in Australia, tooth decay is the most prevalent chronic health condition affecting our population. This oral disease can occur at anytime after […]