How to Help Your Child Transition from a Children’s Dentist to an Adult’s Dentist

When a child’s adult teeth come through, it’s recommended that they start seeing an adult’s dentist. While making the move from seeing a children’s dentist to an adult’s dentist can be a frightening prospect for a child, it doesn’t have to be. This blog post contains useful information and advice to help you transition your child from seeing a paediatric dentist to a general dentist without any stress.

Arrange an Initial Check-Up

Starting to see a new dentist can be overwhelming, but an excellent way to help kids feel less overwhelmed is to arrange an initial dental check-up that doesn’t involve any invasive treatments or procedures being performed. In addition to minimising anxiety, this gives the dentist a chance to examine your child’s teeth and identify what treatments may be necessary for future visits.

Go Into the Appointment with Your Child

Starting to see a new dentist can be an uncomfortable experience for many children, so it’s important to ensure they remain calm and comfortable – especially in the initial appointment. You can help your child feel calm by going in with them during their first appointment, ensuring they have a familiar face in the room to help ease anxiety.

Maintain Regular Check-Ups

When a child starts seeing an adult’s dentist, it’s important that they continue to receive regular check-ups and treatments to ensure optimal oral health for their adult teeth. Regular appointments will also help your child to become more familiar with their new dentist and build a solid foundation for a long-lasting dentist/patient relationship.

Discuss Your Requirements Today

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