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Tips for Minimising Acid Wear On Your Teeth

Tips for Minimising Acid Wear On Your Teeth

Are your teeth sensitive to cold temperatures? Have you noticed discoloration and decay occurring? There’s a good chance that your teeth are suffering from acid wear caused by exposure to harmful foods and beverages as well as bad oral health habits. Fortunately, there are many things you can do to minimise acid wear and protect your teeth. This blog post contains helpful tips for minimising acid wear on your teeth.

Avoid Harmful Drinks

Watching what you drink can go a long way to minimising acid wear on your teeth. This includes cutting down on wine that wears down tooth enamel, limiting soft drinks that contain corrosive acids, avoiding sports drinks that contain citric acid, and reducing caffeine intake that can damage tooth roots. You should also reduce your intake of diuretic drinks that cause dehydration, as saliva helps to protect the enamel. If you want to treat yourself, you can still enjoy your favourite drinks by using a straw, allowing the liquid to bypass the teeth.

Make Healthy Food Choices

Eating right can drastically help to preserve your natural teeth. The most obvious suggestion is to stop eating sugar and sticky candies that have no health benefits. You should also be selective about when to have vinegar-based salad dressings, carbohydrates and processed snack foods. If you do have any of these, it’s recommended that you rinse your mouth afterwards.

Practice Good Oral Health Habits

Nothing is more effective at minimising acid wear on teeth than basic caring and cleaning methods. For example, drinking small amounts of water at regular intervals can help maintain hydration and salvia levels. When it comes to brushing, you should wait an hour after eating acidic foods and drinks to give the enamel time to re-harden.

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