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3 Tips to Aid Recovery after Wisdom Teeth Removal

3 Tips to Aid Recovery after Wisdom Teeth Removal

Getting wisdom teeth removed is a procedure that requires a period of recovery once you leave the clinic. The next week or two can be challenging, characterised by discomfort and the inability to eat solid foods. Fortunately, there are a number of things you can do and keep in mind to reduce your recovery time.

Keep the Blood Clot in Place

Eating solid foods is generally prohibited after a wisdom tooth has been extracted. This is because chewing can dislodge the blood clot that forms over the extraction site, which protects the exposed tissue and bone. Sipping through straws, rinsing with mouthwash and other seemingly harmless oral activities can also dislodge the clot and so should also be avoided. Keeping the clot in place speeds up recovery and prevents extremely painful conditions such as dry socket.

Reduce Swelling and Inflammation

Swelling and inflammation of the extraction site doesn’t just increase pain, but can also interfere with the healing process. Keeping your head and upper body elevated during sleep can reduce blood volume near the wound. In addition, using an ice pack or ice wrapped in cloth can restrict blood flow and numb the area, reducing inflammation.

Avoid Breathing Through Your Mouth

After wisdom tooth removal, you might be tempted to breathe through your mouth due to the discomfort and tenderness, but this can dry out the mouth and cultivate cavity-causing bacteria. This increases the risk of infection and other complications that can interfere with the healing process. It’s recommended that you breathe through your nose as normal and drink sufficient liquids to hydrate your mouth.

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