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Sep 29

Are you petrified of going to the dentist? To the point where it makes you feel ill? Well relax, you’re not alone. Many people suffer from dental phobia. Dental phobia can be caused by the fear of pain, feelings of loss of control, embarrassment or most commonly, a negative past experience. Patients suffering from dental […]

Sep 22

Here at EBDG we have close to 50 staff, who speak over 13 different languages including, Russian, Greek, Italian, Chinese (Mandarin), Japanese, Vietnamese, Spanish, Danish, German, French, Serbian, Hebrew, Hindi and Burmese. So welcome to our very own United Nations! We will do our best to accommodate all our patients and make your visit as […]

Aug 26

According to Dr Fonder, in an article written by him in his book the dental physician the dental distress syndrome is a result of a dysfunctional relationship between the upper and lower jaws that can create disturbances throughout distant areas of the body. It can be caused by loss of one or more of your […]

Aug 26

Fortunately today there are many options in orthodontic treatment, from solutions starting with young people as early as five or six years of age, all the way through to teenagers and adults using all sorts of different appliances and modalities. It has been possible for some time now to modify the growth and development of […]

Jul 22

Here at East Bentleigh Dental Group we know that there are often many things holding you back from making an appointment at the dentist. Sometimes it’s fear of expenses, fear of the expected outcome and sometimes it’s fear that you just cannot explain. As a result, at East Bentleigh Dental Group we know that we have to talk […]