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Jul 25

A 2015 study suggests that people with type 2 diabetes lose on average twice as many teeth as those without the disease. While there are long-established links between diabetes and health complications such as heart disease and kidney damage, this study illuminates its relation to poor oral health. The study was published in the December […]

Jul 25

The links between breastfeeding and better dental health have been known for a while, but a June 2015 study highlights just how strong those links are. Conducted by researchers at the University of Adelaide and published online at Pediatrics, the study found that babies who were exclusively breastfed for six months were 72% less likely […]

Jan 29

Stop consuming sports and energy drinks if you value your teeth. East Bentleigh Dental Group explains the negative dental impact of these beverages. You participate in a big city fun run — seven or eight kilometres in you are sweating, your breathing is ragged and your legs ache. A volunteer at the hydration station holds […]

Sep 02

When patients go to the dentist to have cavities filled there is no question that they will have a local anaesthetic so they won’t feel any pain during the procedure. Similarly, if they are having major work such as dental implants, they can take advantage of sedation dentistry or even have a general anaesthetic (also […]

Aug 20

Most people attend their GP for an annual physical, so with the same healthy goal in mind, we encourage all our patients to also attend the dentist regularly. A yearly (or half-yearly) exam is a beneficial opportunity for receiving optimal oral health care. After all, caries and other dental conditions can’t be treated until they’re […]