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What You Need to Know About Sleep Dentistry

What You Need to Know About Sleep Dentistry

Sleep dentistry is a revolutionary option for those who experience dentist-related fears and anxieties, allowing them to get the treatment they need in order to maintain optimal oral health. Sleep dentistry involves using medication or intravenous sedation via injection to help patients relax during otherwise uncomfortable, painful and/or lengthy procedures. This blog post goes over what you need to know about sleep dentistry in more detail.

There Are Different Types & Levels of Sedation

Various types of sedation are available depending on the specific needs of the patient. This includes anti-anxiety medication, happy gas or nitrous oxide, IV or oral sedation, and general anaesthesia. Each type of sedation produces different results ranging from minimal (the patient is awake but more relaxed) for minor procedures through to deep (complete unconsciousness) for more complex procedures.

There Are Various Reasons to Opt for Sleep Dentistry

Fear and anxiety aren’t the only reasons why people turn to sleep dentistry. It might also be needed if a patient has a low pain threshold, suffers from a strong gag relax, experiences sensitive teeth and gums, or requires more complex treatment. It’s important to consult with a dentist about your circumstances and requirements to determine the best option for you.

There Are Minimal Risks or Side Effects Involved

There are very few risks involved with sleep dentistry, especially when it’s carried out by a qualified and experienced dentist. Some side effects may include dry mouth and nausea, but these are uncommon. Your dentist will conduct a thorough examination of your medical history to make sure you’re not allergic to a sedative.

Book a Sleep Dentistry Appointment at EBDG Today

East Bentleigh Dental Group offers sleep dentistry for patients who experience dental anxiety or who require sedation for any other reason. Get in touch with our caring team to learn more and book an appointment. We’ll happily answer any questions and address any concerns you may have about our sleep dentistry.

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