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Apr 30

Most of us look at photos of celebrities and feel a little jealous of their dazzling smiles. However, you don’t have to just accept your teeth as they are. New developments in cosmetic dentistry can give them a helping hand to look straighter, whiter and far more impressive! Before you invest your hard-earned dollars in […]

Apr 15

Everyone knows someone who has had a tooth or two knocked out in a sporting mishap. Cricket, hockey, Tee-ball, and even kids’ party games such as the piñata have been known to result in injuries to the teeth. All it takes is a forgotten mouth guard and an over-excited child wielding a cricket bat and […]

Mar 16

Having bad breath without knowing, or suffering the embarrassment of someone quietly taking you aside to let you in on the bad news, is high on the list of situations we would all like to avoid. Bad breath, or halitosis as it is medically known, is the result of sulphur-producing bacteria living within the surface […]

Feb 25

When you think of dental braces you probably get a mental image of an awkward teenager with a mouth full of metal and all those pesky little rubber bands. However, braces have evolved significantly over the past decade. Teenagers and, more increasingly, adults are accessing a range of innovative orthodontic devices to align and straighten […]

Feb 18

How can I lessen my child’s fear of the dentist? Developed as a result of schoolyard rumours, personal experiences or even your own feelings, fear of the dentist is still a common occurrence amongst Australian children – preventing many young smiles from receiving the quality dental care they need to stay healthy. With this in […]