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Aug 05

Hello, Dr Harry Marget here from the East Bentleigh Dental Group. The most common problem that we see in the surgery every day is patients with teeth that are broken, damaged or ground down. Many people question as to how and why this occurs. Broken or Damaged Teeth Many situations can cause broken teeth – […]

Jul 31

Today modern orthodontics can be relatively painless. With the advent of removable systems, there are many options for getting teeth straight. In fact children as young as six to eight can often have their orthodontic start with early intervention appliances. This can then minimise problems and treatment later on. In these cases, simple removable devices can be […]

Jul 31

The “white teeth” question and its solution is something we are asked every day at East Bentleigh Dental Group. There are many solutions to this popular question and there is also often confusion between whitening teeth and bleaching teeth. When we bleach teeth we use strong compounds and some of them are quite chemical in nature. There are others […]

Jul 14

Would you be helpful in a dental emergency or would you give outdated or just plain wrong advice? If one of your children knocked out a tooth, would you be able to apply first aid? A Bentleigh boy has quick-thinking adults to thank for knowing what to do when four of his top teeth were […]

Apr 30

Blog time with Dr Harry Marget Put your best face forward – flash ‘em those pearly whites! Everybody wants to have that red carpet Hollywood smile. With our modern dental techniques and guided by our team of dedicated and highly skilled practitioners, you too can achieve that pearly white smile. Stop avoiding photos and boost […]