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Mar 06

In recent years, research into fermented foods has yielded interesting revelations. The most significant of these is that the bacteria found in these foods can have a positive effect on your health. Despite popular opinion to the contrary, not all bacteria is bad for you. In fact, certain bacteria can be essential for maintaining optimal […]

Feb 27

Although an effective treatment option for cancer, chemotherapy can cause a wide range of side effects. Some of these can affect the health of your mouth, which not only results in discomfort but can also cause delay in cancer treatment. Scheduling an appointment with a dentist at a reputable dental clinic such as East Bentleigh […]

Feb 27

Burning Mouth Syndrome is a condition that causes a person to experience a burning sensation in their mouth. The condition has no obvious cause and can be difficult to diagnose. While recommending a treatment can also be difficult, as no specific treatment works effectively for everyone who suffers from the condition, a professional dental clinic […]

Sep 01

Oral health can be an ambiguous area full of myths and misinformation, leading to many people adopting bad habits that cause more harm than good. Understanding what is and isn’t good and what does and doesn’t work is essential to maintaining good oral health. We’ve compiled a number of useful oral health facts which will […]

Aug 25

Medical research is an incredible scientific field where new and better ways to save lives and extend life expectancies are always being discovered. One such discovery, uncovered recently, has revealed that baby teeth are far more valuable than previously thought. While it’s common for parents to keep baby teeth for a while after they’ve fallen […]