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Uncommon Oral Health Issues

Uncommon Oral Health Issues

Tooth decay and periodontal disease are two of the most common issues that people experience in relation to oral health. However, there are also many uncommon oral health issues that may require professional treatment. This blog post contains further information about what some of these are and offers suggestions about what should be done to treat them.

Black Hairy Tongue

Black hairy tongue is a harmless condition characterised by striking discoloration of the surface of the tongue as a result of protein keratin accumulation in the mouth. It can be caused or exacerbated by smoking, poor oral hygiene, and certain medications. Although typically asymptomatic, the condition can cause gagging sensations and bad breath. Treating black hairy tongue involves improving oral hygiene habits, such as regularly brushing the tongue.

Fissured Tongue

Fissured tongue is a benign condition characterised by the presence of deep grooves or ‘fissures’ on the surface of the tongue. Signs of the condition range from single deep grooves through to multiple shallow grooves. The condition is typically painless and asymptomatic, but some people have reported burning sensations. It is recommended that people with fissured tongue clean with additional effort to remove any food that gets stuck in the grooves.

Burning Mouth Syndrome

Burning mouth syndrome is characterised by burning sensations of varying severity. Typically, there is no underlying dental or medical condition causing the sensations. Conditions such as acid reflux and menopause might be linked to burning mouth syndrome, but there is no conclusive data about these correlations. Switching toothpastes and increasing hydration may provide relief.

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