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The one thing holding you back?

The one thing holding you back?

Here at East Bentleigh Dental Group we know that there are often many things holding you back from making an appointment at the dentist. Sometimes it’s fear of expenses, fear of the expected outcome and sometimes it’s fear that you just cannot explain.

As a result, at East Bentleigh Dental Group we know that we have to talk to you about your concerns in a way that is both gentle and caring and we have to offer you alternatives to overcome your fears. Sleep dentistry has been designed to help people who are frightened of going to the dentist.

One other fear that people have is cost. So we examine your case and estimate everything for you, show you what you can get back (approximately) from your health fund, and if you don’t have a health fund, we can offer alternatives.

We also have payment plans with GEM Visa, that allow you to spread the payment of whatever treatment you’re having done, over a longer period. So rather than letting one thing hold you back, call us today and see what we can do to help you.

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