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Saving Your Child’s Baby Teeth

Medical research is an incredible scientific field where new and better ways to save lives and extend life expectancies are always being discovered. One such discovery, uncovered recently, has revealed that baby teeth are far more valuable than previously thought. While it’s common for parents to keep baby teeth for a while after they’ve fallen out, they’re usually thrown out and discarded after enough time has passed.

However, it might be worth holding onto your baby teeth, because it might someday save your life. It has been found that baby teeth contain extremely valuable stem cells that are nearly identical to those found in umbilical cord blood. They are now being looked to for preventing or reversing serious illnesses that can threaten a child’s life, leading to an increasing number of parents spending significant amounts of money to ‘bank’ baby teeth.

The Benefits of Baby Teeth

Inside every baby tooth is the power to prevent or reverse life-threatening diseases that might otherwise be untreatable. One of the most incredible aspects of stem cells is their ability to replace damaged tissues and regrow bones in the body. In the future, they may even be able to regrow organs that are compatible with a child’s unique physiology.

Storage facilities specially designed for baby teeth and related stem cell research are appearing throughout the world. While the full extent of their value is still being determined by the best medical scientists, one of the earliest identified benefits of saving the stem cells in baby teeth is a potential cure for Type 1 diabetes.

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