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Is there such a thing as “No Braces” for Orthodontic treatment?

Is there such a thing as “No Braces” for Orthodontic treatment?

Fortunately today there are many options in orthodontic treatment, from solutions starting with young people as early as five or six years of age, all the way through to teenagers and adults using all sorts of different appliances and modalities.

It has been possible for some time now to modify the growth and development of young children’s mouths from the early ages of five or six years old, using soft rubber appliances mainly worn at night time to change the direction of growth and angulation of teeth in many cases, to modifying problems that develop later on in life.

In the case of some adults, appliances can also be worn on the insides of the teeth. These are called lingual braces and there is also very many modifications of the traditional Invisalign treatment that are also possible, ranging in prices from $3500-$7500. From a complete analysis of these treatment options, please visit our website at www.EBDG.com.au.

What about no braces? There are some varieties of treatment that are possible today utilising simple rubber appliances these have various names and various manufacturers. If you are concerned about the growth and development of your children’s teeth, give us a call and consult with one of our children’s therapists or our dentist who has a special interest in orthodontics and see whether or not early intervention treatment, sometimes referred to as no braces, can be of some help.

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