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How Smiling Affects Your Health

How Smiling Affects Your Health

People who feel self-conscious about their teeth and oral hygiene are far less likely to smile. This can have an adverse effect on their physical health and mental wellbeing. Indeed, research studies have shown that those who smile more frequently experience a number of benefits including less pain and stress, better moods, improved immune function, reduced blood pressure, higher confidence, and even longer lifespans. This blog post from EBDG takes a closer look at how smiling can affect your health.

Relieves Stress & Elevates Mood

Smiling releases feel-good chemicals such as endorphins, serotonin and dopamine which can relieve stress and discomfort. Even if you don’t feel like it, the simple act of putting on a smile can activate neural pathways that influence your state of mind. This means that faking a smile can help you to feel happier, acting as a natural antidepressant that elevates your mood.

Improves Immune Function

Studies have confirmed that smiling releases certain neurotransmitters that correlate to feelings of happiness and relaxation. When your body is less weighed down by stress hormones like cortisol, it can more effectively fight diseases and viruses like the common cold, among others. Smiling can therefore be considered a natural means by which to improve your immune function and avoid illness.

Reduces Pain & Blood Pressure

The release of endorphins and serotonin when you smile and laugh acts as a natural painkiller, not only reducing physical discomfort but also inducing a state of relaxation. These brain chemicals can also reduce blood pressure, especially when the smile is accompanied by laughter.

Increases Confidence & Lifespan

Smiling is an indicator of positive personality traits including happiness, warmth and confidence. This is attractive to people, which is why they’re drawn to those who smile. Smiling also makes for a more youthful appearance and suggests success, which is far more likely to be noticed and recognised by others than frowns and scowls. Smiling helps you get noticed, increases your chances of promotion, and sends positive messages to the brain that precipitate a more positive attitude. All of these things can facilitate a happier life while simultaneously extending lifespan.

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