High blood pressure in relation to Periodontal disease

Atrial fibrillation patients with poorly controlled blood-pressure levels were 50% more likely to suffer a stroke or systemic embolism than those whose hypertension was under control. According to a study presented at a meeting of the American College of Cardiology, this study based on 18,000 patients found those with uncontrolled hypertension had a high risk of experiencing major bleeding as well, as any bleeding.

Patients with undiagnosed hypertension are likely to suffer a stroke or systemic embolism. Patients with undiagnosed periodontal disease are at much higher risk of both of the above.

Diet in relation to diabetes

Patients who followed a diet of high complex carbohydrates and lower fat diets pertained much better nocturnal and 24-hour blue than to those who followed a conventional carbohydrate restricted diet. Those diets lacking in complex carbohydrates can also affect the quality and quantity of bleeding occurred in periodontal disease.