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Gum disease – a pain in the mouth!

Gum disease – a pain in the mouth!

There is no greater pain nor greater discomfort to notice than that of bleeding gums and loose teeth. It can also be quite stressful and embarrassing when you have this horrible smell coming from within your mouth. How many people realise that this smell is indicative of a very, very serious process known as gum disease or in some cases periodontal disease or in worst-case scenario periodontitis.

Here at the East Bentleigh Dental Group we have decided to tackle this head on and in so doing we have hired a dentist with special skills in advanced periodontal disease management. Dr Ruchi Agarwal has these skills and can present them to you in a caring and gentle manner. She is currently working most Thursdays. Give us a call and make an appointment to discuss the severe problem you may have been experiencing. You will be surprised at how gentle and caring the solutions are and how economically viable they can be.

call 95751100 and ask to see DR  RUCHA .

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