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How to Fund Your Dental Care

How to Fund Your Dental Care

Are you concerned that you won’t have the necessary funds to pay for essential dental care in the future? Do you require restorative or preventative procedures now to rectify a problem, but can’t afford treatment? At East Bentleigh Dental Group, we understand that dental care can seem prohibitively expensive. Fortunately, we can provide useful information and recommendations to help you fund your dental care and maintain optimal oral health.

Create a Dental Savings Account

One of the easiest and most straightforward things you can do to fund your dental care is to create a dedicated savings account. You should aim to deposit a certain amount every pay cycle, whether that’s weekly, fortnightly or monthly. Even the smallest amount can add up over time and eventually take a huge burden off your shoulders.

Get Private Health Insurance

Private health insurance covers many different things, including dental care if you choose the right package. When the time comes to have an expensive dental procedure performed, your health insurance can cover all or at least part of the cost depending on your level of coverage. This means you won’t have to pay a large sum of money at once, giving you peace of mind.

Take Advantage of a Dental Payment Plan

Many dentists offer helpful payment plans to help fund your dental care. At East Bentleigh Dental Group, we offer a payment plan through zipMoney that allows you to pay off your dental bill on a monthly basis. This makes dental procedures more accessible, allowing you to receive the care you need when you need it.

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