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Fermented Foods & Oral Health

Fermented Foods & Oral Health

In recent years, research into fermented foods has yielded interesting revelations. The most significant of these is that the bacteria found in these foods can have a positive effect on your health. Despite popular opinion to the contrary, not all bacteria is bad for you. In fact, certain bacteria can be essential for maintaining optimal health.

Consuming fermented foods can increase the number of healthy bacteria inside your body, which is especially useful for improving your gut health. Further research is being conducted into the 100 trillion microorganisms that are estimated to exist inside the average gut, but preliminary results indicate that they have a noticeable influence on metabolism and immune systems.

This blog post contains additional information about the benefits of fermented foods, especially in relation to oral health.

The Benefits of Fermented Foods

There’s a wide range of benefits associated with fermented foods. Not only can they improve your health, but they can reduce your likelihood of developing obesity, diabetes and certain types of cancer. They can also boost the nutritional value of certain foods, allowing your body to maximise the positive effect they have on your health.

Research suggests that fermented foods are additionally beneficial for oral health. For example, yogurt is rich in probiotics. Rather than remove natural bacteria, probiotic foods can strengthen and add to them, which can help to reduce plaque and gingivitis. Foods that are rich in probiotics can also prevent pathogens from growing in the mouth.

Research also indicates that probiotics reduce the likelihood of developing periodontal disease, which has connections to heart disease, respiratory disease, strokes, and premature births.

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