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Early orthodontic treatment for children

Early orthodontic treatment for children

The EBDG philosophy is to provide all our patients with a full service approach to dental treatment. We endeavour to monitor your child’s orthodontic treatment and offer early intervention methods if required. In some cases, early intervention appliances can help to simplify the overall treatment necessary and reduce the treatment time and cost. We aim to make the growing up journey easier for patients and parents.

All initial orthodontic consultations are complimentary. With our team you can discuss conventional braces (metallic brackets and wire), ceramic or “tooth-coloured” braces, lingual braces (that are fixed to the tongue side of your teeth) and Invisalign (removable plastic aligners). Some patients may be suitable for removable appliances, like retainers and plates. Dr Juhi Yadav heads up the Orthodontic Department at EBDG. Juhi is a most competent and accomplished dentist, with a special interest in orthodontics. She is dedicated to all her patients and is currently assisted by Miss Cheryl Young (Oral Health Therapist) and her nursing staff.

For more information on Orthodontics or to book your complimentary initial consultation, please call our staff on 9575 1100.

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