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Available Dry Mouth Solutions at East Bentleigh Dental Group

Available Dry Mouth Solutions at East Bentleigh Dental Group

Dry mouth is a condition characterised by underactive salivary glands. This can be a persistent and uncomfortable problem for many individuals, leading to oral health problems that can affect wellbeing if left untreated. The symptoms can range from difficulty chewing and swallowing to cracked lips, bad breath and infections. At East Bentleigh Dental Group, we can recommend effective options to alleviate dry mouth. Arrange a consultation at our clinic to find out more.

Identifying & Treating Dry Mouth

In many cases, dry mouth is closely associated with bad breath. Many of the causes that contribute to dry mouth – such as gastrointestinal issues, nasal breathing and dehydration – can also cause bad breath. This means that an effective dry mouth treatment will also need to address bad breath.

At East Bentleigh Dental Group, we have a specific solution for dry mouth and bad breath that can help to minimise the symptoms of these common concerns. We invite you to arrange a consultation at our clinic to learn about this innovative treatment option.

We may also recommend use of the Saliwell GenNarino device or the Salipen, which are available via our clinic or direct to consumers.

  • Saliwell GenNarino Device – The Saliwell GenNarino Device uses imperceptible electrical pulses to stimulate the salivary gland nerves, increase saliva production and relieve dry mouth. The device fits comfortably in the mouth in a special mouthpiece unit that can be used as needed whenever dry mouth is experienced. By promoting saliva production, the device helps moisturise the mouth, making it easier to swallow while also improving improve speech.
  • SaliPen – The SaliPen is an intraoral device that resembles a pen and uses electrostimulation to combat symptoms of dry mouth. With its precise application, the SaliPen can help to lubricate the oral tissues and stimulate saliva flow.

Another available option that can assist with dry mouth is the use of Breezecare chewing gum. This is a sugar-free gum that’s specifically formulated to combat dry mouth. It contains natural ingredients that stimulate saliva production, providing long-lasting moisture and soothing effects. The chewing action not only promotes saliva flow, but also helps cleanse the mouth, freshening the breath and reducing the risk of dental decay.

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At East Bentleigh Dental Group, we understand the challenges faced by individuals with dry mouth and bad breath. Our experienced dental professionals can help determine the cause of these issues and recommend treatments for optimal oral health and enhanced wellbeing. Get in touch with us today to learn more about available treatment options, including our specific solution that can assist with both dry mouth and bad breath.

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