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Are you petrified of going to the dentist?

Are you petrified of going to the dentist?

Are you petrified of going to the dentist? To the point where it makes you feel ill?

Well relax, you’re not alone. Many people suffer from dental phobia.

Dental phobia can be caused by the fear of pain, feelings of loss of control, embarrassment or most commonly, a negative past experience.

Patients suffering from dental phobia can be at a higher risk of suffering from periodontal disease which can lead to tooth loss. Due to an intense fear, some people put off their routine dental visits for years, sometimes decades.

Here at EBDG our patient and skilled team can work with you to manage your dental phobia by providing a range of sedation options.

Our dentists happily accommodate even the most anxious patients with local anaesthetic and sedation inhalation, but one of our most popular solutions is intravenous sedation, also known as, Sleep Dentistry.

We find this option of IV sedation works well for patients that suffer from dental phobia for a number of reasons:

  • It can reduce the number of visits you have to make to the dental surgery
  • Treatment is completed while the patient is under a twilight sleep
  • Patients often have little-to-no memory of the dental treatment
  • This service is offered and conveniently provided at our comfortable rooms in East Bentleigh

If you’ve been neglecting your teeth because of fear and anxiety, please call us at East Bentleigh Dental Group on 9575 1100. Our caring reception staff will make you an appointment with one of our skilled sedation dentists where you can discuss the treatment options available.

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