Wisdom Teeth Extraction in Melbourne

It happens to most of us between the ages of 16 and 23 – the eruption and subsequent extraction of our wisdom teeth. The last of our adult teeth to emerge, they break out from beneath the gums wherever they can find room. Unfortunately, that room is often very limited and can affect the other teeth. This effect on the other teeth is called ‘impacting’, and can be prevented by a wisdom teeth extraction procedure where an experienced dentist will remove 1, 2 or all 4 wisdom teeth in one session.

If you can feel yours beginning to emerge from the back of your mouth and feel like you should enquire about wisdom teeth removal, Melbourne dental clinic East Bentleigh Dental Group can answer any questions you may have about the extraction process.

Options Available to Make You Feel Most Comfortable

When you come to East Bentleigh Dental Group for wisdom tooth extraction, you can rest assured that we’ll provide you with the best treatment and recovery options so you can get back to your daily routine sooner rather than later. We recommend having them removed earlier, before they really begin to impact below the gums and cause infection, decay, overcrowding, and in rare cases, the growth of cysts.

The extraction process can happen in a number of ways; in hospital under a general anaesthetic, or at our practice under either a local anaesthetic or heavy sedation. Post-treatment, we will provide you with sufficient pain relief to see you through the recovery period.