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May 04

Teeth are extremely strong and durable, but they are susceptible to damage and decay if they’re not looked after properly. Regular cleaning and flossing can prevent serious dental issues from emerging, but they don’t make your teeth impervious. For your benefit, this blog post from East Bentleigh Dental Group contains information about some of the […]

Mar 23

Tooth decay and periodontal disease are two of the most common issues that people experience in relation to oral health. However, there are also many uncommon oral health issues that may require professional treatment. This blog post contains further information about what some of these are and offers suggestions about what should be done to […]

Mar 06

Pain caused by dental issues can be deeply uncomfortable at best and debilitating at worst. Fortunately, there are various things you can try to reduce discomfort. From keeping yourself busy with certain activities and changing your diet to include softer foods through to seeing a dental professional and more, a pain management option is sure […]

Mar 06

Dental care for people with physical or intellectual disabilities can be challenging. Many people who suffer from a disability find it prohibitively difficult to develop or apply everyday skills such as regular brushing and flossing. This explains why people with disabilities are more likely to develop caries, gingivitis and other periodontal diseases compared to the […]

Mar 06

Periodontal disease is a term that refers to any infections or diseases that affect the gums in your mouth. Insufficient brushing or flossing causes a build-up of plaque between the gums and teeth which, over time, leads to inflammation of the gums. If left untreated, this inflammation can cause the gums and surrounding bone structures […]